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So its not easy to make money online and any scheme that says so it either fake or lying. It takes real work and dedication. BUT the internet is one place you can make it without having any money to start with, or very little anyway.

A great way to start making some money is by building a blog or some kind of website where your let companies advertise on your website. The best guys to do this with is Google. By becoming a Google publishing partner you can make money when someone click on the advertisements on your webpage, or app.

“AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website.”

Here is the website link: There is alot more information there.

And guys I use Adsense , it help put me through university and also helped me follow my dreams. 

What about the Apps you building

Making money from apps is hard, people want to download apps for free, so if you have an app and want it to grow it then it will have to be free but with an option for in app purchases or more advance features on upgrading to paid versions.. Unless you have an app that will have millions of users and will get investor funding, then don’t stress to much just build it and get it out there.

Adsense is great for websites and blog, you can also make money from your app by advertising like you do with Adsense.

Well Google again provides an advertisement network (there are others but Google pays well and its easy to use) for apps:

Here is the link : read more about it there:

How to market your app, website, music business or e-commerce site so that people know about it and you ?  Well have a look at my blog posts

on Marketing 

click here to read more about marketing



This business pays you for testing out apps and websites, if you need money to start your online blog or ecommerce site, or just to keep you going while you work on your dreams then become a tester for UserTesting.

They say you Earn $10 per testing, which is great

(I still need to test this company out and do it myself , I will keep you in the loop and give feed back in the comments)

Heres the link:


The Creator Marketplace:

IZEA connects social media content creators with the world’s biggest brands.
Creators get paid to blog, tweet, take photos and videos. Brands engage and activate leading social creators.


(Sell products or digital products online)

Instead of building your own e-commerce site by coding it yourself just use wordpress with the woo-commerce plugin. If you don’t know what wordpress is, then do some research on-line, I will being doing a post on it  @  Web development blog posts :::  click to read more . WordPress is free and so is woo-commerce although something extras/extenstions do cost money:

Read more on woocommerce ::: click to read more

My thoughts

Hey guys so there you go, please comment if you find anything else or have tested something and it works, lets grow together on picmix-NG and help each other achieve. Let us find together legitimate channels to make extra money to fund our dreams.

Lets help each other bring about new companies and prosperity 🙂