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Lean how to program or code and become a Ninja

I Love python because its easy to learn and you can build anything from website to real software, and app with Kivy which can run both on andriod and iphones (Apple). Hosting websites with python is more difficult and if you really want to use PHP. This issue with PHP is that its very focused on the web where as python you can use it for a greater range of programming things.


Zed Shaw’s: “Learn Python the Hardway” is a free online book that takes you through the basics…. Remember once you know the basic, put it to practise, build a game or something it amazing what you can build with just a little bit of knowledge . By building something you want like a gamet you will not only learn more but see the results of your imagination appear on the screen

Here is the link to

If you just want to quickly get a website up and running check WordPress out.

Other Places to learn:


(its online and interactive but requires you to be online to work ; where as “Learn Python the Hardway” you can download the chapters and work on your computer while being offline )


There is also KhanAcademy 

(They have lots of courses to which are not just coding but can range from maths to economics and art)


Free University Courses 



The best universities in the world offer courses and specialisations where you can earn a certificate of achievement basically: This is offered on the on Coursera. A lot of courses and specialisations are free. If you are required to pay you can select financial aid which basically means that you fill in a short application and you can do the course for free anyway.


Here is the link:

To Learn how to Code go to:

For Business :






Yes real normal everyday you and me kind of people can write programs… Now I am not sure where you are in your learning process but if you want to start or you at the beginning of this road then here are some great resource’s. Also if you want to structure web pages or make them do cool things its not really computer programing but scripting and markup languages… don’t stress if you don’t know what I am talking about just ignore some stuff here and there. Alright so either you want to create webpages or make programs (software). If you want to be a web developer then you probably going to need both.

Warning: People who do this for a living are passionate about it and you will come across all kind of arguments about which is the best programing language or what tools to use . Ignore that too , you can get involved in that once you know more (trust me I really don’t know enough to get stuck into all that). So rather test out a few languages because one will suite you more than the other and everyone is different.
What I am going do is list awesome sites where you can learn by interacting.

Ok like I said I am also new to this too so I don’t what to talk to much about an area I am not a pro in but like me you will find these sites an invaluable tool in your learning process. The reason I am saying don’t read too much about what programming language to use or which is the best,is because its an never ending argument and all you need now is to learn the fundamentals. While you learn the fundamentals and test different language you will naturally tend towards one or the other.
Now one more thing: You might not like programming or even be a good programer but once you know the basics and can write small programs or script something for the web then you can start using the pieces to build something great anyway. Its like being a race car driver , you know whats in the engine but your skill is driving not engineering cars. You’ll understand more as you go along for now check these cool learning tools if anything else.

Alright one more thing; if you want to build webpages then you need to learn html, css and some Javascript. HTML is easy and if you know enough and just want to make a cool webpage for fun then you don’t even have to know how to write the webpage in Html BUT like driving a car its a bit silly not to even know that the engine and the fuel is what helps the car go forward.

For now try out Codeacademy . It covers web fundamentals, HTML,CSS and Javascript. It also will teach you programming languages like Ruby and Python.(Yes they really good programming languages; MIT , a university for super star smart people use Python  to teach there first year computer science classes, I more a Ruby person…Dont stress you smart enough , if you don’t believe that then you not (it a state of mind).




So I wasted a whole lot of time running after the flasher programming languages. Now I wanted to develop webpages and I am interested in artificial intelligence. So I found (well I had seen it before) LISP. The most beautiful programming language in all the seven worlds. I would dream in parenthesis (if ever you program in this language  and get it so will you). BUT one problem its not beginner friendly and I needed the skills soon and fast and for the web. So I started learning the basics of HTML and CSS. Then PHP – The language facebook was written in and which powers half the web. Its build and developed for the web so it the right tool for the right job— well it is when you still learning in my opinion.


For get these language wars , don’t run after flashy new trend and JUST START PROGRAMMIN else you sit in nowhere land for months like I did. — When I am done with making enough money to support myself from my websites then I will finally be able to fully learn lisp… I know this was seriously serious but seriously just start programming now and pick what ever the skills will translate).




Ok here is the link!/exercises/0


Python is an easy language to learn and has a huge community. Its a great place to start. Zed Shaw’s: “Learn Python the Hardway” is a free online book that takes you through the basics…. Remember once you know the basic, put it to practise, build a game or something it amazing what you can build with just a little bit of knowledge . By building something you want like a gamet you will not only learn more but see the results of your imagination appear on the screen

Here is the link to

If you just want to quickly get a website up and running check WordPress out.


Hey okes… I know I said choose a programming that suits your mind! BUT The Intro to this book can help clarify a lot on the whole programming deal. It is also a great resource on Ruby if you are going this route AND Ruby has Rails….

Ruby on Rails is a powerful tool which uses the Ruby language to prototype and build websites (4m the foundation up). I found it to be really good at taking away the scruff of setting up stuff (yes there is WAMP) but trust me when I say after WAMP or trying to configure the Apache localhost server… you will appreciate rails for all kinds of reasons (note that I learned a huge amount  when I configured and setup my own server using Apache , PHP etc vibes.. so maybe try doing that first…. I don’t know it’s up to you.

You can use Rails without knowing Ruby but once again nail down the basic and you will be building your house on a rock and not sand… Cool; I am still learning Ruby myself, so fun times ahead. ?


You can get the Ebook at:

Heres a snip from the book….and guys if you create the next big deal or start making cash in the future…donate to the people who got you there (not me, don’t stress) like the person who made this book possible and free)… Heros they are, I tell you.

“Ruby is an open-source, multi-paradigm, interpreted programming language (a bit of a mouthful I know! I’m going to explain it, I promise!). Ruby was created by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, a very fine Japanese gentleman who currently resides in Shimane Prefecture, Japan; Matz’s work on the language was started on February 24, 1993 (commonly considered the birthday of the language; I hear that over in Japan they roll out a two-story cake and sing) and released to the public in 1995. Ruby is often hailed as one the most expressive and concise languages available to developers today. In that spirit of expressiveness, let’s look at exactly what it all means. Let us now eviscerate these verbal furbelows with conviction!”

(haha, I know but not to worry you are smart enough)

Building your own Website

If you want to start building a website or become a website developer then there are two path or a combination of both. What you will need to know HTML , CSS and a programming language. Note that you don’t need to know a programming language but to make your website do cool things you would have to know some programming. JavaScript is the programming language of the browser, so you need to know that to make menus drop down etc. If you want to have a data driven site then you will need another programming language which will do things like pull in comments on posts. You could  you JS Node (javascript for the backend – that is the technology/programming language to make those comments pull in.) but this is not beginner friendly. Ok before you get overwhelmed the two path front-end development and backend development. Front-end development uses HTML, CSS and javascript. Backend could be a programming language like PHP, Python or Ruby. In this article we going to focus on  the front end.

So what is HTML, well its a mark up language, basically it tell you web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explore) how to display things. It is describing what elements are. For example <p>This is a paragraph</p>   . The <p> are a tag saying to the browser that what’s in-between it is text and should be displayed as text. CSS is what make it look good. so that language says for example make the text red…. Ok you not going to learned how to build your own website here… For that a great resource is they like the leader of the basics and its totally free… Alright back to this frontend stuff. If you want a career in web development then learn these language else use WordPress.

WordPress is basically a very easy tool to make websites and is for non programmers. You can really build beautiful site and its easy to manage and create pages. There is some learning to it but its not that steep and just requires sometime to work things out. By the way this site is built using Wordpress. Yep , its just easier than building something from scratch. BUT if you know some HTML , CSS and JavaScript and a backend language you can make changes to the site that you want instead of just using a template…. The most difficult part of wordpress is hosting . Hosting and a weserver… this is the “machine” that will store your website and when people type in your URL (that is something like it serves the website, like this website has been served to you. You can get a paid host or free host… Each has its benefits so research that first to see what best for you .

So hopefully this has given you some idea or guidance if you going to build your own site for a project or are interested in becoming a web developer ninja ?

Here is a cool resource on how to setup a WordPress site

Cool have fun…